Understanding Faith

Understanding Faith

In understanding faith you will learn what faith really is. the parts of faith ,how to use it. learn of the Spirit of religion and who he is and his part in the unholy god head . learn where faith comes from, where to and how to get more. learn that the spirit of religion is at work in your life and in your church know that the problem you have are caused by you not knowing the laws of faith and that most people don't know them as laws you heard things but not as laws learn what believe is,what is unbelief is? unbelief is not believing ,it refusing to believe. go in to the bible as never before. understand what the word GOD means, and that you are one. and not a little one as that lie goes around to stop you told be the Spirit of religion.learn your faith is what will cause you to be healed cause the money you need and yes want will cause it to come learn that because you have faith you don't have to ask the father to do this that is unbelief when you understand what faith and how to use it you will whip the devil ever time you see his run of ever time you look for him just to kick his butt not only in your life but others understand who you are and what you have and what you can do.when you understand faith. you will enjoy life,live healthier be worry free.

Publisher iUniverse
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ISBN 1491701757
Pages 88 pages
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