The Power In Your Hands

The Power In Your Hands

An Experiential Guide To Energy Work for all aspiring healers, lightworkers, and anyone seeking personal, spiritual or psychic development. This book offers a hands-on, practical approach to understanding and working with the subtle energy that surrounds us and flows through us. Learn how to connect, channel and consciously focus universal energy and integrate energy work into all aspects of your life. Whether you feel that you need more energy personally, or would like to start healing, spiritual or psychic work, this is a great place to start. This book provides the building blocks of theoretical and practical understanding that will allow you to make the journey at your own pace, develop you own ideas and skills and enjoy your path to enlightenment and empowerment. If you want to be able to tap into this free and limitless source of energy, healing, creativity and more, if you want to feel more at peace, if you want a more fulfilling life....The Power Is In Your Hands.

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ISBN 0955857198
Pages 118 pages
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