The Power Brain

The Power Brain

Our brains are a thousand times more incredible than anything else we will ever encounter. Every great accomplishment human beings have achieved was the work of the brain. In fact, our brains possess infinite potential that allows us to do and be anything. By using this potential well, we become a “Power Brain” that can not only create our personal fate, but that of the entire planet. To develop our brains’ potential, it’s useful to liken the brain to a computer with an operating system. We have a Brain Operating System (BOS) composed of our beliefs and preconceptions that we can change and upgrade until our brains run optimally. Recognizing the potential in our brain beyond what we’ve been able to use so far, Ilchi Lee began investigating brain development principles and methods. He compiled them into a comprehensive self-development system with five steps called Brain Education. Refined over the years by new scientific research and the experiences of those who use it, Brain Education has become an academic discipline that’s presented in a variety of ways, including school educational programs and corporate training. While The Power Brain is primarily about the brain, this book does not focus on the anatomical or neuro-physiological functions of the brain. Rather, it serves as a Brain Operating System user’s manual that describes how to use our brain to discover our value, recreate the story of our lives, and claim a new destiny. Improving our lives, and consequently, our world, through brain development is a skill that anyone can understand, practice, and apply to everyday life.

Publisher BEST Life Media
Release Date
ISBN 1935127861
Pages 328 pages
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