“Silence” in Translation

“Silence” in Translation

The role of women in the church has long been a contentious topic for Christians. In this groundbreaking study, Dr. Anna Sui Hluan critically examines the understanding of “silence” within the Myanmar context, specically as it impacts the church’s interpretation of 1 Corinthians 14:34–35. She oers a comparative study of the Judson Burmese Bible alongside versions of the Greek text, exploring the role of translation in reinforcing cultural assumptions and codifying the translator’s interpretive viewpoint. Analyzing the verses in question through the lens of three contemporary schools of interpretation – literal traditional, feminist, and egalitarian – she demonstrates the need for developing a satisfactory contextual hermeneutic for interpreting passages that concern women in Myanmar today. This interdisciplinary study combines cultural and linguistic awareness, a critical analysis of hermeneutics, and a deep commitment to Scripture as the foundation for faith and life. Dr. Hluan oers the church a model of “believing criticism,” equipping believers to take responsibility for their own interpretations of Scripture and its application in their societies. This is a powerful resource for translators, scholars, church leaders, and all those seeking to faithfully apply the Bible in their contexts.

Publisher Langham Publishing
Release Date
ISBN 1839738073
Pages 265 pages
Rating 4/5 (74 users)

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