A Single Raindrop

A Single Raindrop

"A Single Raindrop" is a collection of uncommon insights into our mannerisms, incongruities, language, and most of all our individuality. The author's observations, comments, and reflections on everything from life, lemons, colors, beauty and customs to foibles, teachers, time and history are sometimes funny, sometimes philosophical but always from a unique perspective. His reflections will make you feel good about yourself, your heritage and your individuality in "Without Doubt" and "There's More to You Than You Know." He will cause you to reflect on the silly aspects of our use of language in "Two Twins Are Four People", "A Word On Words", and "Punny Tales." You"ll smile as he defends the lemon, says "My Body is Not a Billboard" and when asked to "Count Your Foibles." And "Beauty","Life is Full of Chickens", "A Single Raindrop", and "Do Ants Have Music' will cause you to celebrate the joy of humanity.

Publisher iUniverse
Release Date
ISBN 0595138047
Pages 120 pages
Rating 4/5 (43 users)

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