The Bretton Woods Agreements

Author: Naomi R. Lamoreaux

Publisher: Yale University Press

Total Pages: 505

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Revolution in Development

Author: Christy Thornton

Publisher: University of California Press

Total Pages: 310

“Commission I, Committee 3, Organization and Managements of the Fund, Third Meeting: Transcript,” July 5, 1944, in Schuler and Rosenberg, Bretton Woods Transcripts. 66. In the quotas as assigned by 1945, the five largest would have been ...

The Battle of Bretton Woods

Author: Benn Steil

Publisher: Princeton University Press

Total Pages: 479

The Bretton Woods Transcripts. new york: Center for Financial Stability. rubin, robert e. May 26, 1998. “remarks for opening Plenary China–u.S. Joint economic Committee—eleventh Session.” office of Public affairs, united States Treasury ...

Forgotten Foundations of Bretton Woods

Author: Eric Helleiner

Publisher: Cornell University Press

Total Pages: 288

The Bretton Woods Transcripts. New York: Center for Financial Stability. Schuler, Kurt, and Dylan Schuler, eds., 2013. Questions and Answers on the Bank for Reconstruction and Development, June 10, 1944. Center for Financial Stability ...

Harry White and the American Creed

Author: James M. Boughton

Publisher: Yale University Press

Total Pages: 556

98. Harry's “not budge” reaction is in a memorandum to Morgenthau, June 25, 1944, MD 747:74. 11. Transcript of a meeting at Bretton Woods, “Instruction of American Delegates—Fund,” July 1, 1944, MD 749:7–59. The quotation is from p. 22.

The Fear and the Freedom

Author: Keith Lowe

Publisher: Penguin UK

Total Pages: 480

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