Up in the Air

Author: Zoe Armstrong

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd

Total Pages: 64

Butterflies, birds, and everything up above Zoe Armstrong. Dry gases in air 78 % Nitrogen 0.9 % Argon 0.03 % Carbon dioxide Growing lichen. WHAT IS AIR ? Air is all around us , but we don't see it . It fills our lungs , though we don't ...

Up in the Air

Author: Betty Riegel

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Total Pages: 304

The Bali Hai boys, as they were known, loved being surrounded by young, beautiful air stewardesses, and they were terrible flirts. ... He looked up at the brilliantblue, cloudless sky and sighed: 'Another terrible day in paradise.

Up in the Air

Author: Greg J. Bamber

Publisher: Cornell University Press

Total Pages: 240

This also reflects the lack of practical alternatives to air transport between some of the key cities, given long distances, ... 2004); SpiceJet and Kingfisher Airlines (India, 2005); AWAir (Indonesia, 2005); 50 Up in the Air.

Up in the Air

Author: Ann Marie Meyers

Publisher: North Star Editions, Inc.

Total Pages: 244

Sean stops, looks up at the sky again, takes a deep breath, then a step, and another. The unicorn lowers its head and snorts. Sean's arm trembles as he reaches up and strokes its neck. “Hey!” He holds something up. “A watch.

Up in the Air

Author: Walter Kirn

Publisher: Hachette UK

Total Pages: 300

... forthe door and heaved but couldn't budge it. The water against the windows was black and solid and some of it trickled through a heating vent and splashed me on the chin. I woke up in the sky, on a stretcher, wearing a mask.

Up in the Air

Author: Marie Crook

Publisher: Pearson UK

Total Pages: 24

Helicopters. Helicopters are very useful aircraft because they move in an interesting way. When helicopters take off, they fly straight up into the sky. They do not have to use a runway. They can land in the same way.

Up in the Air

Author: Derek Jarman

Publisher: Random House

Total Pages: 240

In some ways, they are precursors of the heterosexual lovers (Swinton and Spencer Leigh) in The Last of England who are similarly torn apart and then swallowed up by an apocalyptic scenario. In both films, the couple's relationship is ...

Ana-Stacia's Future is Up in the Air

Author: E. G. Gaddess

Publisher: DreamPunk Press

Total Pages: 236

The life-ship dangled from a wooden boom attached to the main deck, the vast sky above and the earth far below. An oval envelope of silver material lay in the shallow deck, deflated and wrapped to keep it from weather damage.

Up In the Air: An Eamon Cowan Story

Author: Peter Sheldrake

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

Total Pages:

There were a couple of shots fired, but no-one was injured, and Jeremy Dunhill is already locked up in a cell at Frankland. It's the high security prison ... Penny was energised, the atmosphere crackling. The end always seemed to be in ...